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Associate Chartered Securities and Investment Institute

Charges for London Investment Management

General charges for all accounts types

Annual Custody charge of 27 basis points is charged on the value of the account held in nominee on behalf of clients of London Investment Management (LIM)


All transactions incur a £30 compliance fee/operational charge


Any Stamp Duty and PTM Levy as required



Charges on Advisory and Discretionary accounts


Commission on each transaction at 75 basis points 

Annual Management Charge of 1.5% charged on the value of the a/c


All annual fees are collected on a pro rata basis monthly (1/12th of the charge is collected each month)

Charges on Execution Only accounts (where appropriate)


Commission on each transaction at 33 basis points

Custody of client assets

London Investment Management has no lien over any client assets. Securities managed on behalf of clients at London Investment Management are held by an independent nominee company, Jarvis Investment Management Limited, who act as custodian of client assets.

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